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Courtney has joined the company of the WORLD PREMIERE, Broadway Bound production of Boop! The Betty Boop Musical.

Courtney has the honor of understudying the roles of Valentina, played by Tony Award Winner Faith Prince, and Carol. She is also a swing on the show, meaning she is responsible for knowing an additional 8 female ensemble tracks in the case that one of them is unable to do the show.

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“How wonderful to see a West Side story where the Puerto Rican characters are played by Latinx actors - and where the most prominent among them carry themselves with innate dignity rather than falling into stereotypes. I’m looking at you, Jose-Luis Lopez, Jr. (Bernardo). And you, Carlos A. Jimenez (Chino). And especially you, Courtney Arango, as an Anita who didn’t just sweep me away when you sang and danced. You also won my respect because you managed to balance fierce pride with grace, and smoldering passion with restraint. Your Anita is the most self-possessed and regal character in this production.”


- Mike Ficsher 

“Another praise-worthy performance comes courtesy of Courtney Arango as Anita. Fiery and likable, her strong belting alto is a nice change of pace from Collazo's soprano. Arango packs a lot of heat and heartbreak into her scenes, doing so with breezy believability.”



“Special mention must also be made to Courtney Arango's mesmerizing interpretation of Anita. She is fire. She is fierce. She is passion personified. She is a woman who knows what she wants and makes no apologies for it. She oozes confidence and talent.”



“Courtney Arango played Anita, the girlfriend of Bernardo, Maria’s brother, and she has a blistering fire that smolders and flames. Her singing, acting and dancing overwhelm with heat, desire, rage and sex appeal.”



“Arango is wonderful as the sexy and sassy Anita, leading the way in the lively number “America” that brought on the loudest shouts from the opening night crowd.  Arango also conveys authentic pain singing “A Boy Like That” to Maria, the sister of her lover, Bernardo.”




Ensemble member/ Associate Choreographer/ Dance Captain extraordinaire, Courtney Arango is the performer to watch. She feels every movement into the depths of her soul, hits every beat with fierce intensity, and overall works every chance she gets to shine.


Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 8.22.07 PM.png

Bernardo is the dynamically sexy DJ Petrosino and his Anita is played by Courtney Arango. Anita has been traditionally played by a Hispanic actress (Chita Rivera, Rita Moreno) and this Miami-born diva joins their ranks with this performance.


- by J. Peter Bergman

D.J. Petrosino’s Bernardo and Courtney Arango’s Anita take center stage during the dance sequences. Whether dancing together or with other members of this excellent company, they demand our focus and we willingly give it to them.


- The Chester Telegraph by David Lampe-Wilson

Courtney Arango gave Anita, Bernardo’s girlfriend and Maria’s friend, depth as well as proving an especially fine singer and dancer.


- by Jim Lowestaff Writer


Courtney Arango brought a vivaciousness and toughness to Anita, the girlfriend of Bernardo and confidante of Maria. Her rendition of "America" with the Shark girls and Megumi Nakamura as Rosalia was a hoot. In "A Boy Like That," following Bernardo's death at Tony's hand, Arango ably switched gears as Anita admonished Maria to "stick to your own kind."


- The Manchester Journal by Kevin M O’Toole


"As Anita, New York-based Courtney Arango is a bona fide find. She adds consummate dancing skills to her stellar portrayal of the sharp-tongued fireball."




"Courtney Arango is on fire as Maria’s sister-in-law Anita, dancing with a saucy grittiness that we expect, and she steals the show in “America.” 



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